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All weight loss medication prescribed is licensed in the UK, prescribed by a UK registered prescriber and shipped directly from a UK based, GPhC registered pharmacy. This helps ensure that our patients are receiving the highest quality medication, with all the necessary information on dosage and dosage instructions.

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The Mayfair weight loss clinic team has spent years studying and treating obesity, so we understand how to provide effective and practical weight loss solutions to our patients to help them succeed on their weight loss journey. We have combined the latest clinical evidence and years of knowledge in weight management to design a bespoke online consultation process. The online consultation along with the expertise of our clinical team enables us to recommend and support you with appropriate and effective management treatments.

Below are 3 essential aspects in what brings effective weight loss.

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Weight Loss Medication

Obesity is complex and there are a number of physiological factors which are responsible for weight gain. The oversimplistic idea of ‘eat less move more’ simply does not result in weight loss for everyone. A diet and exercise plan alone is not always the answer and an appropriate weight loss medication is needed at that point.

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Our clinical team have the expertise and experience in prescribing the appropriate weight loss medication based on your individual needs to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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